New York Enacts New Protections for Women in the Workplace

New York Enacts New Protections for Women in the Workplace


Women in the Workplace

The workplace can be a very stressful place for people. Women can especially have a hard time in the workplace. There are a lot of problems that women can undergo such as sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination. Even in female dominated groups, women can be faced with issues in the workplace like bullying and workplace mobbing.

New Efforts for Equality

Equality in the workplace

Fortunately, there are efforts being made in order to provide better protection for women in the workplace so that they can feel safer. This also makes it so that women can face better health conditions from their workplace. Then there are other benefits for women.

Series of Bills Signed

Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor has signed a series of bills that adds to the gender based protections in the workforce. This is part of the Women’s Equality Act which was brought to the people in 2013 with the aim to fight against discrimination in the workplace on the basis of genders. There are new laws which will be discussed that are going to enforced on January 19, 2016.

Gender Equality

These laws will bring pay equality among the genders. That way, there will be fewer complaints about pay inequality based on gender instead of job. There will also be other benefits in the workplace for women.

Equal Pay Protection

Equal Pay

The first signed bill deals with changes to the New York Labor Law section 194. This section deals with gender pay. The law basically states that no one is to pay someone on the basis of one’s gender. Any difference in pay can be carried out on the basis other than sex.

Second Amendment

The second amendment makes it clear that if the employees are working for the employer at different locations within the same region, then they could pursue claims of gender-based pay disparity if there is disparity among workers at different facilities. The facilities have to be in the same region. Otherwise, the claims will be thrown out.

Third Amendment

The third amendment forbids an employer from stopping an employee from discussing his or her wages or the wages of another employee. Employers can have a written policy that places limits on such discussion.

Fourth Amendment

The fourth amendment allows the victim to recover damages in the case of a willful violation of this section of the new law. This allows for up 300% of unpaid damages to the employee. This is actually three times the amount that employees can be compensated for other violations of labor laws.

As a side-note, this employment law piece was written to educate and protect small to mid-sized businesses from labor violations. Having employees requires quality labor law protection. If you’re based in Santa Clara, consider one of these labor posters for total employer compliance. For the most compliant employment posters, you find exactly what you need.

Pregnant Employees Accommodation

Pregnant Employees

The second bill states that employers are to be able to accommodations for pregnant employees. This new law deals with pregnancy-related conditions which are medical conditions related to birth that gets in the way of bodily function. Due to the new law, interactions and accommodation requests are going to have to be met by the employer. At the same time, the employee is going to have to provide necessary information to the employer.

Familial Status Discrimination

This law places the family status of an individual in equality with race, age, religion, gender and other characteristics that are protected by law. This prohibits employers from discriminating against employees for their familial status. For instance, an employer can’t discriminate against someone because of a child.

Accommodation for Families

One thing that the law also makes clear is that the employer does not have to accommodate for the familial status of the employee. The employer is just supposed to treat the employee as equal to the other employees. He should not single out, target, or harass any employee on the basis of his status.

Attorneys’ Fees

The fourth signed bill allows the Human Rights division to award attorney’s fees to the winning party. These fees previously could not be recovered. However, when it comes to discrimination claims, gender-based discrimination is awarded attorneys’ fees.

Employers and Attorneys’ Fees

Employers can also recover attorneys’ fees. However, there is a criterion that must be met. The employer has to be able to prove that the claims of the employee are false.

All Employers Can Be Charged With Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

For the longest time, only individuals that worked for companies of at least four employees were protected. However, the bill that Cuomo signed states that employers of all sizes could be charged with sexual harassment. Small businesses are going to have to deal with anti-harassment regulations.

Protecting Women

This new bill does have a lot of promise in providing women with needed protection in the workplace. It also helps with gender equality in many cases. The end goal is to make sure all parties are protected when it comes to the workplace. Claims of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination are going to be looked into more closely.

Time of New Bill

Even though the bills do not go into effect until January of 2016, now is still a good time for employers to practice following the new regulations. It is important for employers to start working on treating their employees equal. Otherwise, they may be faced with harsh repercussions.



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5 Strong Reasons to Homeschooling May be Right for Your Kids

5 Compelling Reasons to Home-school Your Kids

This time of year means that you are most likely pumped up about the new school year and the new developments that your child will experience. While you’re in this state of mind, allow me to give you a friendly PSA from the perspective of a Christian.

Moms Considering Homeschooling Their Kids
Moms Considering Homeschooling Their Kids

Christian parents of school age children should ALWAYS home school their kids.

I know, I know. Before you fire away at the keyboard to let me have it, hear me out. My own kids currently attend private Christian schools and I attended public schools.

What I am actually referring to is that it’s a good idea to homeschool your children in their spiritual education. This is a large investment in their lives. As Deuteronomy 6:7 says, you should be the main person imparting spiritual wisdom and knowledge to your children.

If you aren’t quite clear on what I mean yet, read these five compelling reasons to homeschool your children from a spiritual prospective.

Parents Are Great Teachers
Parents Are Great Teachers

Parents Who Homeschool Their Kids Acknowledge That They Are Their Child’s Main Teacher

Any time a parent makes the decision to homeschool their children, they claim full responsibility for their education. Since they know that there are no other options to turn to, they take the helmet do what is necessary.

Unfortunately, when it comes to teaching the ways of spirituality, too many Christian parents do not assume this role. They simply drop their children off at children’s church and assumed that their job is done. There are many excuses, such as a lack of time or a lack of the right knowledge to impart.

As Christians, we need to begin thinking like homeschool parents. Those parents made the choice to keep their kids out of the school system in order to take on the full responsibility of educating them.

Since we have all made the decision to be Christians, we need to also embrace the role of educating our kids on what it means to be Christian. Just think of what next generations Christians would look like if more parents took on this challenge.

Family Education is Critical
Family Education is Critical

Parents of Homeschooled Kids Shape the Family’s Lifestyle Around Educational Needs

One could say that homeschooling is a lifestyle. In a lot of cases, the homeschooling parent cannot hold down a full-time job and still provide the kid with this education, so the family makes the sacrifice of scaling down to a single income household. They do this willfully, even though it is against the norm of today’s educational standards.

As Christian parents, we need to think of our spiritual education in the same manner. We need to make God and the Bible first in our household along with the philosophy and teachings.

This means finding the energy and time to discuss the word of God, no matter what. You should also take time out as a family to pray together. As a parent, you also need to hold yourself accountable. If you are hesitant to teach your child because you don’t think you know enough, you should begin reading the word yourself and taking classes and reading books to supplement your knowledge.

Parents Help Shape Goals
Parents Help Shape Goals

Homeschool Parents Work With Goals and Objectives

When is the last time you and your family set spiritual goals? If I’m speaking for myself, I know it has been a struggle. But it is a struggle that we must all embrace for the betterment of our children.

Parents Of Homeschool Kids Always Use Lesson Plans

As the old cliché says, a person who does not plan should plan to fail. Because of this, you should make sure that the spiritual development of your child and your household does not just happen by chance. You should schedule specific timetables for spiritual development and lessons. One way to do this is to pick a certain night of the week to hold study night.

Additionally, you should map out a long-term plan. This can cover many months so that once it is all said and done, you can look back and know that you stuck to the plan and got a reward from it. Like school, you should also compile the best literature and teaching resources to impart these lessons.

Flexible Parents are Great for Homeschooling
Flexible Parents are Great for Homeschooling

Parents Of Homeschooled Children Know To Make Adjustments

Regardless of how much you plan, things can go wrong. The biggest take away from this is that you should never give up. Know that God put you in place of your child’s life were a reason, so you need to persevere through these hardships.

We need to set benchmarks that will help them find depth in their prayer, gain the knowledge and love of the Bible and learn ways to apply Christian knowledge with worldviews and current events. It is well worth the struggle and you will appreciate it when you see how well your child turns out.

About the Author:

Thanks for reading my article. I love blogging about my story as a parent. I came up with the concept of this article while walking with my toddler in his babyjogger city select. This stroller has been a life-saver when it comes to being a Mom on the move. In this day, kids also require a lot of outdoors activity. Leaving them to absorb too much TV, radio and internet influence can be terrible. There’s so much power these media forms emit that as responsible parents, we must monitor and limit their exposure.

Please feel free to check my other guest posts on the internet. If you agree with my ideas, please feel free to visit my social media pages and drop me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

Save 6 Hours Weekly with the Right Employee Scheduling Tools

Managers Can Save Six or More Hours Weekly with the Right Employee Scheduling Tools

Time consuming
Time consuming

When you own or manage a small business, one of the most time-consuming aspects is creating employee schedules. This task often requires a lot of time to finish initially, as well as spending numerous hours making revisions to the original schedule. It’s up to you to create a schedule that takes into account a large number of factors, including everything from having the right number of staff on location at all times to keeping tabs on the overall cost of the scheduled labor.

While this can take hours upon hours to successfully complete, the following will provide you with an in-depth look at how managers can save up to six or more hours – time that can be better spent satisfying your customers – weekly with the right employee scheduling tools.

Employees working
Employees working

How to Save Time on Creating Weekly Employee Schedules

While it’s possible to take into account most aspects that are required when creating a schedule, there will always be moments when your employees have personal schedules they need to suddenly tend to.

When this happens, your schedule is suddenly out of date, meaning that you will have to spend even more time getting it back up to date, which always requires moving a ton of pieces around to fit into the new schedule. As such, the most important step that all small businesses need to take when scheduling employee work hours is to invest in online software that is dedicated towards lessening the time spent on such a time-consuming task.


Primary Features

These online tools can provide you with everything that you need to create schedules in no time by automating a large number of the fields that are required when making a schedule. For instance, these tools can ensure that your budget for labor isn’t exceeded as the schedule is being drafted.

The online tools that are at your disposal will also make sure that all of the shifts are properly filled and that no scheduling errors take place that accidentally put your employees at work during times in which they are unavailable. These are easy errors to make when filling out a schedule yourself.

Software will help to drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend creating the original schedule, as well as any revisions that you will have to make. Many people who have used these services in the past have found that utilizing online scheduling tools can save six or more hours each week that you otherwise would have spent working on the employee schedule. This is invaluable time that is saved now that you’re using the many tools that are available to you.

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Given the fact that these tools allow you to post schedules online, employees will now have the ability to more readily check up on when they need to work by utilizing any computing device at their disposal, including everything from their home computer to their mobile phone, which should even help to improve their morale and reduce the amount of questions you receive about the schedule.

Another great feature that is available for employees to use is the ability to change shifts with each other, as well as put in a request for specific hours or days off within the schedule. As you make the final decision on both of these, you don’t have to worry about employees taking time off at their own convenience.

Software features
Software features

Additional Online Scheduling Features

These scheduling tools don’t simply cover the basics; they are meant to be extensive tools that will even provide you with the means to easily contact your employees through text messages and emails for any reason relating to the schedule. This helps you to get in touch with them more easily if there are any last-minute changes to the original schedule.

You can also make use of what is known as a time clock. This feature allows employees to signal when they arrive at work and when they leave each day, which helps to efficiently track the amount of hours that each employee works. The online employee scheduling tool will then calculate how much money is owed to each employee.

Here’s a question for you. Do you use any employee time and attendance software in your company? If you’re just getting started in business, have you considered any kind of online employee scheduling software to support you tracking the amount of hours that each of your employee works? Many business owners typically use wall calendars or paper forms to address this challenge. However, you should strongly consider this option when you begin to notice the signs of time waste and a lack of time tracking in your office.

It’s often said that time is money and this is especially true when you’re a small business owner. Utilizing the right scheduling tool will help you to save thousands upon thousands of dollars over time, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.  Have ideas on this issue? Stop over at our Twitter page and post your comments or recommend other resources.

Should Small Businesses Worry About Data Breaches This Tax Season

This Holiday Season is Here… Should Small Businesses Worry About Data Breaches?

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means that retailers will be dishing out deals and specials to attract countless customers. While these customers are more than ready to spend, the danger of data security may keep them from doing so. Millions of customers have already taken hits from malicious hackers earlier this year.


Unhappy Clients

Measuring Consumer Unrest

The unsettled nature of the consumer is apparent with’s recent survey. The credit card comparison website asked consumers if they would make purchases from retailers that had been hit by hackers earlier this year.

A resounding 45 percent of the 864 respondents with credit or debit cards answered that they would not. The threat of repeat data breaches was simply too big of a threat for them to risk shopping at these retailers this holiday season.

To make matters more complicated, 48 percent of those who responded said that they would use nothing but cash at retailers this year. They cited that cash would keep their financial details safe. This only shows how distrust in the abilities of affected companies to keep data safe is growing.


The Importance of Cyber Security

With the numerous incidents that have already occurred this year of retailers losing valuable data to hackers, the concern of cyber security is growing. Major retail chains such as Neiman Marcus and Home Depot were hit by malicious entities. These attacks left millions of customers affected.

The threat of cyber attacks is more apparent with consumers than ever before. In a recent Gallup Poll, 69 percent of participants responded that they were more worried about their financial details being stolen than any other crime. This makes lost financial information more important than burglaries or even domestic terrorism in the minds of Americans.


Small Doctor Business office

Understanding a Security Breach

The inherent problem with digital financial data revolves around the same mechanism that makes credit and debit cards convenient: the customer swipes their card, and the store’s register saves the customer’s card number and PIN. This is what enables the transaction to complete.

This problem with this convenient information is that it’s too easy to steal. Malware located anywhere from the register to the systems that keep track of financial transactions can steal this information. This same information can then be downloaded offsite by a malicious individual almost anywhere in the world.

Once the credit and debit card information of enough customers has been obtained, it can be bundled and resold. Black market websites purchase this data for anywhere from $2 to $20 per card. The more recent the information and the higher the limit, the more this data is worth to criminals.

When the buyer obtains the information, they use it to reproduce cards virtually or physically. They can then purchase goods from retailers using this stolen information, which they resell for a profit. This leaves financial institutions footing the bill.

Should Small Businesses Worry?

While it’s obvious that the typical consumer values their financial data highly, the impact digital theft has on financial institutions and small businesses is anything but clear. Most major credit cards have fraud protection built into them. This allows consumers to be free and clear in most situations where credit card fraud from a third party is involved.

Even the damage resulting from stolen debit card information is short-lived. While the money is taken out of a person’s bank account immediately, these funds are typically returned.

The bottom line is that someone ultimately has to foot the bill for the money that these criminals steal. The consumer typically sees this in increased fees, which in turn affects everyone. This means that while the individual does not necessarily foot the bill, everyone does pay for it.

As shown earlier, businesses also pay for these kinds of data breaches. They lose business not only from the fact that their customers have less money from paying more fees, but also because their reputation is tarnished. Security is still an essential part of attracting customers.

Tax Data Breaches Happen

One segment of data that most business don’t realize they need to protect most is their tax data. Every business owner and accountant should think about this every time the file 1099 online. Tax records and other accounting shared in the e-filing process from their system to the IRS’s system (or a 3rd party e-filer) needs to be particularly secure.  Some industry e-file SaaS leaders – like eFile4Biz – are stepping up their security measures to ensure that data is secure on both sides of any data shared.

They recently posted a newsletter article that covers the basics ANY e-file provider needs to adhere to when you efile 1099. They recently produced an explainer video you may find useful as well.


Potential Solutions for Safeguarding Data

It’s possible that the big data breaches will lead to less profit over the holiday season for companies that were affected earlier this year. Some analysts state that consumers will still shop at the same stores this year. Sales seem to win over security, especially when the idea of how minimal an impact digital theft has on consumers is realized.

Other experts argue that the above cited surveys show a greater demand for digital security from retailers. The idea is that businesses with better security may actually end up receiving more profit when other big breaches inevitably occur.

For example, some customers already feel safer when they shop at retailers that were previously hit by hackers. They state that the publicity these breaches earned earlier means that these retailers must have heightened security. With Target, new security experts were hired and additional security measures were put in place as a result of the breaches. An even newer technology that scans the magnetic strips and then encrypts the data before passing it along to the financial back-end is also being implemented in Target stores. This technology will likely soon see even more widespread use next year.

One thing that is for certain is that the liability of credit card fraud will soon shift from the credit card companies to retailers. This gives everyone, from major retailers to small businesses, major incentive to update their financial security technology.  Stop by our Delicious page, and post your comments or resource links to debate this matter further.


Do You Need Labor Law Posters Plastered Around Your Office?

Lots of labor issues to know.

In operating a business, there are numerous things to be aware of. The government requires you to display labor posters pertinent to your industry or sector. Operating successfully means being 100% compliant with all current labor laws.

The Department of Labor is watching.

The D.O.L. stipulates that you display postings relevant to your industry and employee needs. State and Federal laws enforce these postings. Ignorance of these guidelines could lead to your business being fined, or even shut down.

Labor Laws are a serious matter to the Government.
Labor Laws are a serious matter to the Government.

Labor posters benefit everyone at your workplace.

Posters give your employees details to know while working in your place of business. They can show information relevant to their rights and/or safety. Smart employers only buy labor posters from suppliers with legal counsel in house. This helps because laws change, are amended, are replaced, or even eliminated at any time.

Do you know how often the laws change?

Using a provider whose job is to stay abreast of these changes could save you headaches. You should find one who helps you understand which posters are required, optional, or a good idea to have. On top of this, find a provider with good customer support.  Your business depends on this, so see how fast they respond to requests for support.

Labor Laws are enforced aggressively by the authorities.
Labor Laws are enforced aggressively by the authorities.

The consequences of having the wrong posters can be steep.

Some businesses that failed to comply ended up with large fines, or shut down until they achieved compliance once more. Labor law posters help make both employers and employees treat each other with respect in the workplace. This information benefits everyone.

Why File For Insurance Reimbursements Using The HCFA CMS 1500 Form?

The history of the CMS 1500 form.

If you’re in a medical office position, typically, insurance reimbursements come from submissions of specific forms. Confusion can often result from the myriad of options. The CMS 1500 form is one of the most critical when working in professional medical offices when requesting payment. Initially the form was named the HCFA 1500. However, it was re-dubbed the CMS 1500 afterward. The form got its name after the center for medicaid & medicare service, which implemented the standard.

Generally, this form is required to request payment from some Medicaid State Agencies.

The form is mostly used by non-hospital providers and suppliers in the medical industry. The standard guideline is that it should be submitted within one year of providing the service for insurance payment.  Since the form is printed using a certain kind of ink, you can’t simply download or copy it.


Medical offices routinely use teh CMS 1500 for insurance repayments for treatment.
Medical offices routinely use teh CMS 1500 for insurance repayments for treatment.

If the form is not exact it will not be read correctly.

The forms are scanned using a specific technology called Optical Character Recognition. Successful form submissions only happen when you use the exact form, with the correct information. When you go to submit your claims, verify that you have the most recent cms1500 claim form, and double-check it has the correct ink. As a precaution, speak with your supply order person. Verify that they clearly buy cms 1500 version 02/12 forms from an industry leader.

Failure to follow these 2 basic rules will result in rejections and delayed reimbursement.

On top of this, waiting too long to re-send the corrected document could result in no payment at all. The point is – when using this form, get it from a reliable supplier. This will ensure on-time insurance payments, keeping your cash-flow where it should be. Large corporate suppliers can consider using 1500 claim form software, instead of using paper forms. The software makes it easier to submit at the press of a button, and the recordkeeping is easier as well.