5 Strong Reasons to Homeschooling May be Right for Your Kids

5 Compelling Reasons to Home-school Your Kids

This time of year means that you are most likely pumped up about the new school year and the new developments that your child will experience. While you’re in this state of mind, allow me to give you a friendly PSA from the perspective of a Christian.

Moms Considering Homeschooling Their Kids
Moms Considering Homeschooling Their Kids

Christian parents of school age children should ALWAYS home school their kids.

I know, I know. Before you fire away at the keyboard to let me have it, hear me out. My own kids currently attend private Christian schools and I attended public schools.

What I am actually referring to is that it’s a good idea to homeschool your children in their spiritual education. This is a large investment in their lives. As Deuteronomy 6:7 says, you should be the main person imparting spiritual wisdom and knowledge to your children.

If you aren’t quite clear on what I mean yet, read these five compelling reasons to homeschool your children from a spiritual prospective.

Parents Are Great Teachers
Parents Are Great Teachers

Parents Who Homeschool Their Kids Acknowledge That They Are Their Child’s Main Teacher

Any time a parent makes the decision to homeschool their children, they claim full responsibility for their education. Since they know that there are no other options to turn to, they take the helmet do what is necessary.

Unfortunately, when it comes to teaching the ways of spirituality, too many Christian parents do not assume this role. They simply drop their children off at children’s church and assumed that their job is done. There are many excuses, such as a lack of time or a lack of the right knowledge to impart.

As Christians, we need to begin thinking like homeschool parents. Those parents made the choice to keep their kids out of the school system in order to take on the full responsibility of educating them.

Since we have all made the decision to be Christians, we need to also embrace the role of educating our kids on what it means to be Christian. Just think of what next generations Christians would look like if more parents took on this challenge.

Family Education is Critical
Family Education is Critical

Parents of Homeschooled Kids Shape the Family’s Lifestyle Around Educational Needs

One could say that homeschooling is a lifestyle. In a lot of cases, the homeschooling parent cannot hold down a full-time job and still provide the kid with this education, so the family makes the sacrifice of scaling down to a single income household. They do this willfully, even though it is against the norm of today’s educational standards.

As Christian parents, we need to think of our spiritual education in the same manner. We need to make God and the Bible first in our household along with the philosophy and teachings.

This means finding the energy and time to discuss the word of God, no matter what. You should also take time out as a family to pray together. As a parent, you also need to hold yourself accountable. If you are hesitant to teach your child because you don’t think you know enough, you should begin reading the word yourself and taking classes and reading books to supplement your knowledge.

Parents Help Shape Goals
Parents Help Shape Goals

Homeschool Parents Work With Goals and Objectives

When is the last time you and your family set spiritual goals? If I’m speaking for myself, I know it has been a struggle. But it is a struggle that we must all embrace for the betterment of our children.

Parents Of Homeschool Kids Always Use Lesson Plans

As the old cliché says, a person who does not plan should plan to fail. Because of this, you should make sure that the spiritual development of your child and your household does not just happen by chance. You should schedule specific timetables for spiritual development and lessons. One way to do this is to pick a certain night of the week to hold study night.

Additionally, you should map out a long-term plan. This can cover many months so that once it is all said and done, you can look back and know that you stuck to the plan and got a reward from it. Like school, you should also compile the best literature and teaching resources to impart these lessons.

Flexible Parents are Great for Homeschooling
Flexible Parents are Great for Homeschooling

Parents Of Homeschooled Children Know To Make Adjustments

Regardless of how much you plan, things can go wrong. The biggest take away from this is that you should never give up. Know that God put you in place of your child’s life were a reason, so you need to persevere through these hardships.

We need to set benchmarks that will help them find depth in their prayer, gain the knowledge and love of the Bible and learn ways to apply Christian knowledge with worldviews and current events. It is well worth the struggle and you will appreciate it when you see how well your child turns out.

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